Pool Safety Spain

Poolside Safety Equipment

Poolside Safety

Pool Access

Getting in and out of the pool should not be simple and safe.

Secure, well-anchored ladder steps are OK in their place but make sure that the handrails are asymmetric, as shown in the image. It's worth noting that on a hot, sunny day the traditional stainless steel pool ladders are sometimes too hot for wet hands to touch! Read more about ladders and steps hereladders and steps here.

Built-in pool-steps, ramps and, for those who need them, pool hoists are a better way to enter and exit a pool.

See the following links for details of: -

Disabled Persons pool hoists

Rescue Equipment

Every pool should have a lifebelt and Shepherds Crook. Hopefully you will never need to use them but when you DO need them - you need them immediately! Keep these items within easy reach of the pool.

Tripping hazards

The more clutter you have around the pool the more chance there is that someone could trip over and either fall into the pool or hurt themselves.

The two items mentioned above - the lifebelt and the Shepherds Crook - are the only items that should be near the pool except for the net. Clear everything else away from the pool.

First Aid Equipment

A first aid kit, containing the basic items found in all such kits, should be available at the pool in case of minor accidents.


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