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We have 2 great eBooks for Private Pool Owners!

The Pool Safety Bible

The Pool Safety Bible covers 30 different aspects of Pool Safety.The-Pool-Safety-Bible-cover.jpg - 3.08 MB


You will be happy to learnthat this best-selling eBook is COMPLETELY FREE!

Did you know that there are at least 30 ways a pool can be dangerous?

The most obvious danger is drowning, but there are many ways that

a swimming pool can harm, or even KILL, adults, children, pets and wildlife.

Mixing together excited children, pets, water, poisonous chemicals, slippery floors, electricity

and strong sunshine can be a recipe for disaster.

Add in a few beers and the situation becomes even more dangerous.

Learn how to inexpensively protect your family, friends and pets from the dangers.

Learn about the root cause of 50% of swimming pool fatalities (Shallow Water Blackout).

Please click on the image to download your free copy of The Pool Safety BibleThe Pool Safety Bible -

Professional advice from an expert in the field! 

The Pool Bible

Pool-Bible-Cover.jpg - 3.43 MBDownload our eBook - The Pool Bible covering 172 different subjects on Pool Maintenance for the backyard pool-owner.

Available for for all platforms - Laptop, Smartphone,

eReader, PC, Tablet.

It costs around €1500 to €3000 to maintain a backyard pool for a year; mostly for things the pool-owner can do for themselves - if they only knew how to do it!

This eBook covers every aspect of pool maintenance and will save the average pool-owner a small fortune this year - and another small fortune every year!


Only $14.95

That's about half of what it costs to get a professional to look at your pool for 20 minutes (assuming they turn up!)


Click on the image to get your copy of The Pool BibleThe Pool Bible!