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Pond Nets

Pond net with mature plants

Young children are fascinated by water. Whether it be in a pond, paddling-pool, bucket, puddle or pool: - kids are drawn to it. This natural inquisitiveness brought about the deaths of 68 children aged 1-6 years, in British garden ponds alone, between 1995 and 2005. Most of those deaths were predictable and therefore preventable to a degree.

Many of these tragic accidents occurred when a supervising adult became momentarily distracted, but 100% supervision of a mobile toddler is next to impossible; those tiddlers can move surprisingly fast!

It is vital that steps be taken to minimise drowning risks in any space where children play. Even a shallow pond can take the life of a young child. Many children have drowned in just a few centimeters of water.

Garden ponds can be made safe inexpensively by installing a Pond Safety Net.

Pond Nets are made from black polypropylene mesh, stretched tightly across the entire pond, a few inches above the water.

When pond plants grow up through the mesh the net becomes all-but-invisible, yet it provides a very important layer of protection for everyone who may be at risk, including children and pets.