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Jolly Gel Spa

Jolly Gel Spa - absolutely the best flocculant for spas!

For a crystal-clear Spa

A superior flocculent specifically formulated  for spas and hot tubs, Jolly Gel Spa produces perfectly clear water for up to 10 weeks

Each pack comes with full, easy-to-follow user instructions in English, Spanish, and French


  • Specially formulated for spas and hot tubs
  • Non-toxic, safe and easy to use
  • Unique formulation removes minuscule particles from the water  
  • Works for 3 - 5  weeks
  • Contains 2 blocks - good for up to 10 weeks!
  • Removes algae and fungus spores
  • Reduces chlorine/bromine consumption
  • Prepares water to 'camera ready' standards
  • Creates no clouding or residual dust
  • Zero Aluminium in the formulation

 Our Price €17.50 + postage

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