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Anti-slip Strips

Anti-slip strips

Wet floors are very, very dangerous!


Anti-Slip Strips reduce falls, accidents and injuries - an inexpensive Insurance Policy!


Thousands of people are injured every year when they slip on wet floors round the swimming pool.

Some of them are left with a painful bruise, some with broken bones and some with worse injuries, resulting in death.

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These non-slip strips could prevent a nasty fall - and could even save your life.


TRUE STORY - A few years ago I was in Malaga University Hospital for a small operation.
When I awoke from surgery I noticed I had a new 'neighbour' in the next bed - a French gentleman in his fifties.
Summoning my schoolboy French I learned that he had fallen on the steps of his hotel pool and had fractured his hip.
He said, 'And the worst thing is, I did exactly the same thing last year!'
Same hotel, same pool, same steps, still no anti-slip, another broken hip.


Over 80% of all 'pool-fall accidents and fatalities' happen at the steps, when swimmers are entering or leaving the pool.

Ordinary pool tiles are made from glass - wet glass is VERY slippery.

It is vital that tiled steps are either built with non-slip tiles, or fitted with anti-slip strips.

One pack of 18 strips, 38 x 2cm  is sufficient to treat the top couple of steps and the area around them.


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